Bacchus history

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Built for the people and by the people, the Baxter Hotel and The Bacchus Pub share a nearly 100-year-old history. Together, they function as a central gathering place for locals and visitors.


The building’s history communicates much more than what happened inside its doors though. It also tells the stories of the larger Bozeman community and some of the people who helped shape it. A poor German immigrant by the name of Eugene Graf is one such person.

In the early 1920s, Bozeman was finally coming into its own. No longer was it just a support town for the thriving mining towns of Virginia City and Butte. Although Eugene, known by his peers as “Gene,” had little money, he was a charismatic man with a knack for baking, and for business. Gene was passionate about the idea of welcoming visitors with a modern, state-of-the-art hotel that could also serve as a community space for locals. He was also keen on the idea of mingling with locals and guests as he sold his baked goods inside the Baxter Hotel Coffee House, which would later become the Bacchus Pub.

Determined to make this grassroots vision a reality, Gene formed the Bozeman Community Hotel Corporation with a few other core citizens. The group rallied the support of approximately 250 community members and secured the majority of the funds needed to break ground. However, they were will $50,000 shy of their goal. Luckily, the Baxters, a prominent ranching family, stepped in and contributed the final amount. Because they donated the final and largest amount, the Baxters were given the naming rights to the hotel.

As construction finished, the community celebrated their shared success with a big welcome party on March 16, 1929. All were welcome.



Designed in the art deco style by prominent Bozeman architect Fred Willson, the cozy space was styled to evoke the atmosphere of a historic European pub or tavern. Original dark stained beams remain intact, and original Nemadji tiles still line the walls. Even the very same German monk heads that our guests sat beneath in 1929 decorate the pub today.

The European-inspired atmosphere of our pub combined with the melting pot nature of Bozeman speaks to our intention of being a community crossroads -- a comfortable space where locals and visitors of all backgrounds can share a drink and a conversation.

We invite you to experience our history and to bring your own stories as we shape our future. So, grab a seat at the bar, have a drink and stay a while. Our friendly bartenders or one of the regulars is sure to have a story to share with you.

Whether you’re coming from just a few blocks away or the other side of the country, we want you to feel at home. This is your pub.

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